Bulk Fuel and Petroleum Products and Services

Freyberg Petroleum is your source for quality bulk fuel delivery and petroleum products in Mankato and the surrounding southern Minnesota area. Whether you need biodiesel for your generator or heavy equipment; bulk gasoline for your farm or filling station; or lubricants for your machinery or vehicles; Freyberg Petroleum will keep you rolling.

Freyberg Petroleum Products in Mankato MN

Shell Stations and Trucking companies: Freyberg Petroleum is a distributor of Shell fuel products, both gas and biodiesel, available for bulk fuel delivery or from our Shell stations in Mankato. Oils, antifreeze and washer fluids are also available by the caseload.

Construction Companies: We know that you need to have maximum uptime when you have equipment and personnel at a job site. When you contract with us for your bulk fuel, we will keep your tanks full and can fuel your equipment onsite. Your efficiency also depends on your diesel-run compressors and machinery. Freyberg Petroleum can deliver biodiesel as well as just about any grease, oil or lubricant that you might need.

Agriculture and Farmers: It may be planting time, harvest, or some time in between, and you need fuel when you need it. Locally owned Freyberg Petroleum is not limited by set routes and schedules. Bulk fuel deliveries are scheduled to accommodate customers in order to avoid costly down-time. Additionally, we will take the time to talk with you about your specific needs and identify fuel and lubricant options that can provide better performance or cost savings.

Manufacturers and Businesses: Mankato based, Freyberg Petroleum can deliver bulk biodiesel to you for your standby generators, compressors and vehicles. We can also help you to identify the right oil, grease and lubricants to fit your specifications, whether it is a brand name or private label. We carry many specialty oils such as aircraft hydraulic oil, refrigeration oil, elevator oil, and industrial sewing machine oil and can source just about any other oil, grease and lube product that you need.

Kerosene and Heating Oil: Come to Freyberg Petroleum when you need kerosene for your space heaters, ice fishing house or nipco heater. Schedule your delivery of heating oil to assure that you stay warm throughout our Minnesota winters.

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