The types of grease and oil lubricants that you select for your machinery, equipment and vehicles is important because it affects both performance and lifespan. Freyberg Petroleum can get just about any grease or oil that you require whether you need synthetic or non-synthetic; industrial, automotive or a specialty product.

Choosing the Right Machinery Lubricants

Sometimes you need to purchase an engine or machinery lubricant that is manufacturer specified but other times you have more choices available. We take the time to learn about your specific performance requirements so that we can help you pinpoint the right grease or oil lubricant that fits your application. If a private label product will fit your need, we’ll suggest that to save you money, but we can also supply your needs for specific brands. Our wide variety of products includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Grease and oil lubricants from Freyberg PetroleumEngine Oil – for all sizes of gas and diesel engines, 4 cycle, 2 cycle and various grades
  • Gear Oil – for transmissions, gear boxes, differentials
  • Grease – synthetic and non-synthetic for high and low temperatures, varying conditions
  • Food Grade Lubricants – for food, beverage, feed processing and packaging equipment
  • Hydraulic Oil – for hydraulic machine components such as pumps and cylinders
  • Elevator Hydraulic Oil – for elevators, different grades and brands
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Oil – non-conductive oils for aircraft and man-lifts
  • Refrigeration Oil – for refrigeration compressors and industrial coolers, various viscosity levels
  • Cutting Oil – for metal cutting and machining
  • Fluids – Antifreeze, transmission, windshield washer, fuel additives
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is available at the pumps at Shell on 3rd Avenue in Mankato. Delivery to your construction site is coming soon.

Contact us – to discuss your specific needs for lubricant oils and greases.