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Freyberg Petroleum new website

Freyberg Petroleum has launched a new website that provides a more detailed presentation of the petroleum fuels and lubricants that they offer. A long time Mankato business, Freyberg Petroleum delivers biodiesel, gas, and lubricant products to construction companies, manufacturers, gas stations and other businesses.

Biodiesel in Minnesota

The Minnesota Legislature passed a law in 2002 that requires diesel fuel sold in our station to contain at least 2% biodiesel (B2). Today, 10% biodiesel is required with #2 diesel from April 1 to September 20, and 5% from October through March. Read more about the Minnesota Biodiesel Program.

Gas prices in the spring

You may have noticed that gas prices go up just as you are ready to take your first summer outing on Memorial Day weekend. The reasons for this do include an increase in demand, but summer blend gas is also more expensive to produce. Read more about spring gas prices.

Summer-grade vs Winter-grade fuel

April through June is the usual transition period when refineries switch from winter-grade to summer-grade fuel. The different in the two types of fuels has to do with their vapor pressure during the warmer summer months. Read more about differences in these fuel types.

Get answers to your questions

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